New Laws to Protect Ancient Culture in Victoria

Archaeologists believe that the aboriginals first came to the Australian continent around 45,000 years ago.Aboriginals trace their creation back to the dream time an era ling past when the earth was first formed.One of the main cultural arts that aboriginal people have is the oral tradition of storytelling.Many songs were created to tell about the tales of lands.A lot of Aboriginal art is found in the northern territory of Ubirr,Arnhem Land and Nourlangie.A fascinating musical instrument unique to the Aborigines is the didgeridoo which produces a vibrating hum.

Businesses that exploit indigenous knolwedge or culture for commercial purposes  without the consent of the traditional owners will be fined up to 1.5m$ under the new aboriginal heritage laws that come into force in Victoria on August 1. The penality is attached to a new Australian first protection of intangible heritage which can include stories,songs and dance in Victoria's amended Aboriginal Heritage Act.Australia and Canada were among a group of settler countries that did not sign the UNESCO convention for the safe guarding  of the intangible cultural heritage.