Temple for God of Wind uncovered in Mexico City

Archaeologists dug 10 feet down to find a temple built more than 650 years ago while working at the site of demolished supermarket in Mexico city. The circular platform about 36 feet in diameter and about four feet tall now sits in the shadow of a shopping mall under construction.The site is believed to have been built to worship the god of wind Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl and plans to preserve it and make it visible to the public with a large viewing window.The archaeologists found shards of pottery and human remains but deeper down they found the temple of the principle deity.Offerings found included an infant with no signs of truma,bird bones,obsidian,maguey cactus spines and ceramic figurines of monkeys and duck bills. The majority of the temple's white stucco remains intact.The temple lies within the perimeter of a large ceremonial site in the capital's Tlatelolco neighbourhood though much of that perimeter is invisible covered by an urban landscape.Tenochtitlan was a centre of political power while Tlatelolco dedicated itself to commerce.