Buddhist site found at Lakhisarai in Bihar

 Evidence of Buddhist vihara has been discovered at Lakhisarai by a Kolkata based archaeologist in India. The find includes 29 brick cells and cave chambers at Bichwe near Kiul station hardly 1.5 km from the remains of a Buddhist stupa discovered by Cunningham in the late 19th century at the present day Gosikund village.These cells and cave chambers have polished walls and rock paintings and face a main stupa.The shape and direction of the structures suggest it is significant site. Cunnigham who discovered the stupa on a hillock at Birdawan also found a casket believed to contain Buddha's ashes.He also mentioned of the discovery of over 2700 coins of lac. Though he identified the place as Birdawan of 1910 this place is now known as Ghosikund.Though there is no direct literary evidence for the site including Heiun Tsang's travelogue Cunnigham had mentioned that Emperor Ashok had constructed a Buddhist stupa at Krimila. Source : HT Pace 25 November 2016