Phraya Nakhon Cave Thailand

The cave was discovered about 200 years ago by Chao Praya Nakhon Sri Thammarat while he was searching for a shelter during a storm.He explored the upper part of the mountain and found the cave. There is a four gable roofed royal pavilion build in 1890 for King Rama V's visits. The work was carried out by the craftsmen in Bangkok and the pavilion known in Thai as Kuha Karuhas was then transported and assembled  inside the cave in 1896.There is a well at the foot of the mountain known as Phraya Nakhon Well.It is made of baked clay bricks in a trapezoidal shape. The cave consists of two chambers.The ceiling of both chambers  are open allowing the rays of the sun to come inside illuminating  the cave giving it a mystical appearance.