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Ancient India

India can boast of a glorious past and the study of the history of Ancient India is a subject in itself. India has a civilisation as ancient as most ancient civilizations across the world. We have added new articles on all the following Ancient India topics.

Pre Historic Cultures In India

1. Basis for Periodization
2. Periodization of Indian Prehistory
3. Sources of prehistory
4. Food gathering communities
5. Food Producing Men
6. Neolithic or the New Stone Age
7. Iron Age
8. Impact of Iron
Post Urban phase of Harappan Culture (1900 BCE-1300 BCE)[New]

Pastoral and Farming Communities

1. Neolithic Phase
2. Chalcolithic Phase
3. Early Iron Phase
4. Geographical Distribution And Characteristics
Social Life in Indus Valley Civilisation [New] Life in Chalcolithic Age [New]

Indus Valley Civilization

1. Major cities
2. Town Planning
3. Harappan Trade
4. Agriculture
5. Domestication of animals
6. Crafts
7. Religion
8. Harappan Pottery
9. Weights and Measures
10. Script and Language
11. Images
12. Decline of Harappan Culture
13. Survival and Significance
14. Things to Remember

Vedic Society

1. Origin and Settlement of the Aryans
2. The concept of Arya or Aryan
3. Vedic Literature
4. Vedas and their Brahmanas
3. Later Vedic Literature
5.Life in the Rig Vedic Period
6. Later Vedic Civilization
7. Things to remember

Pre Mauryan Period

1. Formation of states
2.The Sixteen Mahajanapadas
3. Republics
4. Rise of urban centres
5. Haryanka dynasty
6. Shishunaga dynasty
7. Nanda dynasty
An overview of the life in Mahajanapadas[New]

The Mauryan Empire

1. Magadha
2. Mauryans
3. Sources of Mauryan History
4. Causes of Magadhan Supremacy
5. Chandragupta Maurya
6. Bindusara
7. Ashoka
8. Kalinga War And Its Impact
9. Dhamma of Ashoka
10. Policy and Administration
11. City Administration
12. Economic Activities
13. Society and Culture
14. Art and Architecture
15. Pillar and Sculpture
16. Decline of Mauryan Empire
17. Moral Codes of Ashoka
18. Ashoka's 14 Rock Edicts
19. Categories of Ashoka's Inscriptions
20. Later Mauryas

Post Mauryan Period

  1. Society: Evolution of Jatis
  2. Caste System
  3. Economy and Society
  4. Indo Greeks
  5. Sunga Dynasty
  6. Kushan Dynasty
  7. Satavahana Dynasty
  8. Megalithics
  9. Sangam literature
  10. Schools of Art


1.Causes for the emergence of new religions
Literature of Buddhism[New]

Imperial Guptas

1.Sources of Gupta Rule
2.Political history of Guptas
4.Gupta Administration
5.Gupta Culture
6.Urban centres in Gupta period
7.Economic Conditions
Decline of Gupta Dynasty[New]


1.Sources for Harsha's Period
2.Early life of Harsha
3.Harsha's Administration
4.Important Officials of the empire
5.Economy under Harsha
8.Interesting facts about Harsha

Position of women in Ancient India

1.2500 B.C-1500 B.C.,
2.1500 B.C. - 1800 A.D.

Education in Ancient India

Caste System in Ancient India


1.Territorial Expansion
2.Chola Government
3.Chola Trade
4.Social and cultural life
5.Art and Architecture

Maths in Ancient India


Regional States of India

1.The Pallavas
2.The Palas
3.The Pratiharas
4.The Rashtrakutas
5.Tripartite Struggle
6.The Hoysalas
7.The Cheras
8.The Paramaras

The Chalukyas of Badami

1.Religion of Chalukyas
3.Art and Architecture