World History

Modern World History

The world history describes the human history determined by the study of archaeological and written records. Ancient history begins with the invention of writing...

India History

Ancient India

India can boast of a glorious past and the study of the history of Ancient India is a subject in itself. India has a civilisation as ancient as most ancient civilizations across the world...

History of Art

Art in Religion

From time immemorial the social environment of man had been indulged and involved in magic and animism that correspond to the revelation of religion...


What are the four Vedas?

Rig Veda- Collection of lyrics in praise of different Gods recited by the priest called Hotri....


History tution is for students of history who are looking for guidance in the subject of Indian History and are looking for notes on History of India. We start here with notes on Ancient Indian History and will keep adding new material. However the history of India is incomplete without the study of history of some major events of the world, so we have added notes on them too. If you wish to see some specipfic topic here please write to our History teachers.

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